Our Platform

Contact Centre Core Platform

Aycent Core Platform is the most user friendly interface available today in Contact Centre Software. Our unique workspace for agents is the highlight that helps improve productivity and interactions with your customers.

Smart Call Centre Solution for Growth-Oriented Businesses. The future belongs to businesses that put customers first. Aycent enables you to provide smooth and effective customer service.

How Aycom Supports your Business Goals:

The first impression is often the last impression. Aycent is a contact centre solution that allows you to make the best possible use of available resources to deliver C-SAT consistently. The result: higher customer retention and increased revenue.

Aycent is specially designed for the needs of small and large businesses across a wide range of industries. Aycent offers a range of benefits including:

  • Easy scalability as per changing business needs
  • Efficient call routing
  • Reporting and analytics
  • CRM integration
  • Lower operating costs
  • Higher productivity

Core Platform Components

Agents manage your primary customer interactions. Whether they are answering calls, email or chat, every customer service representative is setup as an agent.
Your daily reporting at a glance. Customize your dashboards on a supervisor or agent level
Our most unique workspace feature allows you to manage all customer interactions through a single portal. You can answer your customer calls and respond to their enquiries straight away via email, chat, ticket or SMS.
Comprehensive reporting for agents, supervisors and call queues and interactions
Upload and manage your leads for outbound campaigns.

E-Mail Module

Email module allows you to integrate your email inboxes to the system without losing emails from your email server. You can sync all your emails and ensure that you have processed all your emails by either directly replying to them or converting them to tickets for support, or quotes and invoices for sales.

Use Case

This module is very helpful for businesses that receive heavy inquiries/support requests via email. You can convert them to tickets straight away for further processing and manage the workload without missing out.

Ticketing System

Aycent enables your customers to raise tickets through the portal in real-time for service issues. Once received, agents can categorise, tag, assign and track them in a smooth manner– based on the SLAs you define. The system generates automatic notifications when the SLA is close to being exceeded. The customer also gets automatic status updates on their end. Depending on the type of issue, you can set up separate queues to increase the follow-up and resolution rate. The result: a positive customer experience and reduced agent workload.

Use Case

This module is very helpful for every business to efficiently manage tasks. Tickets can be used to manage and process work for the following departments
Back Office
Front Desk

Chat Module

Aycom’s chat feature allows agents to communicate with their co-workers or managers for any queries. This feature reduces call handling time as well as hold time. It can also be used to communicate with customers through an external widget.

Use Case

Chat Module is ideal for any retail or product based businesses. You can chat with your clients in real time and close sales.

Call Recording

The call recording feature allows you to listen to calls online and give regular feedback to agents. You have the option to enable or disable call recording and download them if required. The feature makes it easy for you to filter recordings for specific agents and play them online. It can be a great resource for training sessions and quality evaluations.

Use Case

Perfect solution for businesses with customer service team. Record and monitor calls through the portal and improve C-SAT scores

Lead Management Module

A unique offering is out Lead Management module that allows you to upload leads in bulk and filter them based on your selection criteria. You can filter according to your selection and create multiple lists. You can then directly use this list to apply to your campaigns. No more dealing with excel spreadsheets

Use Case

Best module for businesses with outbound calling requirements for marketing and lead generation

SMS Module

From ticket status updates to order confirmation, SMS messages can provide a better customer experience. Aycent’s SMS module uses data from our Aycent software to send messages to customers. It is a great alternative to voice and email based support.

Use Case

For businesses with need to send OTP, marketing SMS, appointment confirmation, order confirmation etc

CRM Module

Aycent has a built-in CRM tool that simplifies routine tasks like managing invoices and quotes, stocks and inventory as well as tracking new deals. It provides comprehensive reports regarding all aspects of sales, marketing and operations. It is a perfect solution for small businesses that need real-time data on the income and expenses incurred on a daily basis.

Use Case

Daily customer management for ANY type of business.